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Autoprotect your account!


Meet ZuluGuard™

ZuluGuard™ is an account protection feature that monitors each trader's behavior and automatically removes a bad trader when a radical trading strategy is detected.

Please keep in mind that you can consider and manually set the ZuluGuard™ protection later at the Advanced Mode / Settings page of your account.

How does it work?

The ZuluGuard™ automatically calculates a trading exit value for each trade opened in your account based on the best/worst trade chart shown below. When the red line is hit by the blue line, ZuluGuard™ will close all open positions and replace this trader with a highly ranked one instantly.

For detailed information about ZuluGuard, please consult ZuluGuard Guide.

Easy to Setup

Setting up ZuluGuard™ is very easy! You can enable and customize ZuluGuard™ either from your Dashboard or from your Settings tab. Simply click on the shield and review/amend your ZuluGuard™ settings for each of your Traders.

ZuluGuard™ monitors 3 different trading aspects of a Trader in your account, at levels set by you:

  • Capital Protection
  • Single trade protection
  • Max open trades protection